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Genotype Inc.

Genotype Glowing Cream (2oz,4oz & 8oz jars)

Genotype Glowing Cream (2oz,4oz & 8oz jars)

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How To Use:
•Wash face with warm water•Use once a day for the first 7days then as needed for the weeks to follow...•DO NOT USE IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE walking or working out for over 1hr in DIRECT SUNLIGHT wait until night...•Place cream on PROBLEMATIC areas to help with discoloration and hydration

Face Glowing Cream Ingredients:
•Mineral Oil•Lanolin Alcohol•Glycerin•Bisoprolol•Water•Isopropyl Neopentanoate•Aloe Leaf Juice•Monopropylene•Hydrogenated Castor Oil•Phenoxyethanol•Lactic Acid•Vitamin C•



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