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How to use the 7 day detox with 14 bags. Take 2 bags a day 1 in the morning and 1 at night


Schisandra berry detox the liver and fights ovarian cancer

Celery seed has large amounts of potassium in organic sodium that help with the body of waste material. It also helps fight liver and stomach cancer.

Turmeric root also helps detox the liver and helps increased bile flow. It also helps fight prostate cancer and known to shrink tumors.

Burdock root helps detox the blood. It also helps stop the production of NPAT proteins in cancer cells. It is also known to fight lung, liver, and stomach cancer.

Red Clover helps the body remove waste and toxins from the fluids and tissue. It is also know to help as an anti- cancer action. (Like the herbal equivalent of chemotherapy)

Dandelion root helps with water retention in the body; improves insulin resistance; and helps with glucose control. It is also known to help kill the cancerous cells before they multiply.

Milk Thistle Seed helps detox the liver by strengthening the outer membranes of the liver cells, and reduce the number of toxin entering cells. It’s also known to help block cancer growth.

Duck Flower helps the body expel excess mucus, toxins, internal parasites, and waste products. It’s also know to fight the formation and growth of tumors.

Garlic is known to detox the liver. It also helps slow down or damage the progress of tumors or cancer cells.

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