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Genotype Inc.

Indigo Soap Bar

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INDIGO  SOAP INGREDIENTS AND ADVANTAGES: main ingredient hemp oil, shea butter, coconut oil, oregano, peppermint, eucalyptus, raw indigo and 4 other essential oils geared towards cold, flu, and Covid symptoms.
Wild indigo is an herb. The root is used to make medicine.
Wild indigo is used for infections such as diphtheria, influenza (flu), swine flu, the common cold and other upper respiratory tract infections, lymph node infections, scarlet fever, malaria, and typhoid. It is also used for sore tonsils (tonsillitis), sore throat, swelling of the mouth and throat, fever, boils, and Crohn's disease.
 helped open up the bronchial passages. Researchers believe it's possible it could help people with COPD breathe easier and keep blood oxygen levels from falling, too

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