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Genotype Inc.

Sugar Coffee Soap Bar

Sugar Coffee Soap Bar

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Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Black Seed Oil, Poppy Seeds, Coffee Powder, Avocado Oil And Sunflower Oil



*Raw Cane Sugar increases cell turnover which provides a glow after everyday as it deeply exfoliates.

*Black Seed Oil reduces psoriasis, cleans out bacteria in wounds, reduces acne symptoms.

*Poppy Seed nutrients reduce skin inflammation, scalp infections and promotes overall skin and hair health. It’s high amount of linoleic acid makes it extremely effective in treating eczema, burns and itching.

*Coffee Powder increases the elasticity of our skin. As a natural exfoliant, it can remove dead skin cells, dirt, and dust. Perfect for oily skin.

*Avocado Oil increase collagen and decrease inflammation, which slows down aging and discoloration.

*Sunflower Oil holds in moisture. It has loads of antioxidants that help with premature aging and wrinkles


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