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Avocado Cucumber Aloe Vera Anti Aging Soap Bar

Avocado Cucumber Aloe Vera Anti Aging Soap Bar

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Benefits of avocado to your skin

Soothes skin conditions. ...
Prevents skin damage.
Improves skin elasticity. ...
Minimizes breakouts. ...
Improves overall skin health. ...
Prevents dry skin.


Benefits Of Cucumber to your skin

Hydrates Your Skin. Skin hydration is the key to keeping your skin healthy and happy
Reduces Skin Inflammation
Treats Sunburn
Prevents Acne
Fights Against Free Radicals
Promotes Skin Brightness
Prevents Premature Ageing
Cucumber Toner For Oily Skin


Soap Bar Ingredients: Avocado, Aloe Vera,Cucumber, Coconut, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil



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